My name is Sam Spade and I make really cool wood sunglasses that float on water! Why? Simple… I was tired of losing my shades in the water every time I went to the beach. As founder and President of BADSPADE Eyewear, I’ve taken my passions for woodworking and design and combined them to offer you the most unique collection of lightweight eyewear on the market! BADSPADEs are not only stylish and eco-friendly, but fun and functional as well. When you wear your BADSPADEs, you will feel and see the difference. We hand-select only the finest renewable, eco-friendly woods available. These lightweight woods provide comfort and durability – and make each pair of BadSpades buoyant enough to literally float on water! No more shades lost at the beach! We at BADSPADE believe that life is precious and nature is valuable. This is why – inscribed on every pair of eco-friendly BADSPADEs – you’ll find our creedo: “Hodiernum Vive Diem” (Live for Today). Renewable resources plus timeless design make every pair of BADSPADEs just as unique as you! Shop now for YOUR perfect pair of BADSPADEs by clicking HERE.

Boutique Owners: Interested in carrying BADSPADE Eyewear? We take pride in our work, and want to offer the best to our dealers. Wholesale pricing is offered to our Boutique Partners. Get In Touch!